About me

You say tomato, I say – fresh, healthy, fun cooking inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic.
As a proud Brit now living in California I am loving taking advantage of all the amazing ingredients I have to cook with.  I am immersing myself in the California healthy lifestyle while still making the food from home that warms my heart and connects me and my family to where we’ve come from.  I’m a bit obsessive about cooking with whole, natural, organic ingredients and try to eat seasonally as much as possible too. All the recipes here are trialled to see where I can make them easier to cook in the limited time I have as the Mum of two toddlers, I also adapt recipes to make them healthier without sacrificing flavour. In a nutshell, I enjoy making delicious, healthy meals that are a joy to eat… without spending hours in the kitchen and I hope I will inspire you too.
I also teach in my kitchen at home in California, all the details of classes are here www.yousaytomatocooking.com

One thought on “About me

  1. I was referred to your blog by someone in my Food Allergy Support Network. I am currently looking for some guest bloggers on our “foodallergygal” blog and would like to connect with you further if interested.


    Lara Holland, Food Allergy Gal

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