the easiest way to label your prepped or frozen food


This is such a ‘duh’ idea but, I admit, I came to it only recently.  I am a pretty obsessive cooking in bulk person.  I get the jitters if my freezer doesn’t have any pots of homemade soup, stock or pasta sauce for quick dinners. I come a cropper when I don’t label.  Like the time I put frozen apple sauce into risotto thinking it was frozen chicken broth. Not good.

In the past I always bought labels from the stationery shop to label my goodies.  Then, one day, I was in a restaurant kitchen chatting to the chef and saw that all their pots of prepped food were labeled with a strip of basic masking tape. Apparently this is no secret, and most restaurants have a roll of tape and a pen on a piece of string tied to the fridge.

The great thing about using masking tape is that a) it costs hardly anything to label hundreds of pots. b) the tape comes off easily when you want it to, but stays on in the freezer.  And c) because the tape is paper it can be written on with any pen.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Now I keep my roll of cheapo masking tape from the hardware store in the drawer with my foil and plastic wrap so I can label everything quickly and cheaply.

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