quick houmus flatbread

Quick dinner for the boys

This is barely a recipe but as it is something that I make almost every week I wanted to share it.  It is so quick and healthy and gets 2 of the 7 a day into whoever is eating it, along with a good dose of protein, good fat and healthy carbs.

On nights or lunchtimes when I need to get food into my boys’ hungry tummies fast I have a few staples I reach for.  This is one of them.  I’ve made a version of it since they were first on solids.  Don’t be put off by thinking this is just food for children – it is a great quick healthy lunch for anyone.  I love it alongside some home-made soup or sometimes with some shredded chicken and fresh tomatoes on top.

I keep whole grain organic flat breads in the freezer all the time.  They are perfect for throwing together a quick pizza-ish dinner or for serving with curries.  You could also use pita or a tortilla.  I also always have frozen kale and spinach in the freezer – that way I can throw a handful into whatever I’m making for dinner.

I toast the flatbread so it is pretty crispy.  Then I top it with houmus – either this homemade one or, more frequently, shop-bought.  Then, I use my Microplane to grate raw carrot onto the humus – usually 1 carrot per flatbread.  The coarse Microplane in the photo above is my weapon of choice whenever I want to make raw carrots and apples into a child-friendly mush.  It is the one sold for grating ginger and Parmesan.

Finally, I throw on as much defrosted, frozen kale or spinach as I dare. The quantity changes depending on how agreeable the boys are being in the greens department.  The sweetness of the carrot and the houmus does go a long way to hiding the green flavour so I can get away with a pretty decent amount.  I mix it all together a bit on top of the bread then smooth it out.

Then I either cut it into wedges or slices as in the photo.  If you want to make a wrap, just use a warmed rather than toasted flatbread. Easy.


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