Piedmontese peppers with dinner

These beauties are simplicity itself.  My nod to the ’90s when Delia Smith made these a regular dinner party starter along with the, then unusual, baked goats cheese.  Sometimes its easy to dismiss things that have gone out of fashion but these are still delicious and a gorgeous way of using all that is plentiful and delicious just now.

I’m not giving a full recipe here as they really don’t need it…

Cut a red pepper in half lengthwise (keep the green stem on).

Put it in an ovenproof dish, wedged next to its brother so it doesn’t wobble around.

Fill pepper with cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, S&P, and around a teaspoon of olive oil in each.

Bake at 200c/400f for 30-40 mins until they soften and start to brown.

Serve warm with bread to mop up the tomato and basil juices or with grilled fish or meat.  Or get all retro and serve with some crumbled goats cheese.  Leftovers are great squished onto crostini, into sandwiches or chopped into pasta.


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