You say ‘popsicle’ I say ‘ice lolly’ – 4 healthy easy recipes

It is roasting hot here just now and I have two very hot toddlers pestering me for ice cream from the moment they wake up to the time they lay their sweaty little heads on their pillows to go to bed.  Summer is stretching in front of us and a quick (maths isn’t my strong point) calculation tells me that we could easily get through around 40 boxes of lollies (popsicles) in the next 10 weeks.

This was never an issue my Mum had to face.  Growing up in England there just weren’t that many days where it would be hot enough to justify a trip to the corner shop to buy a Lemonade Sparkle or a Strawberry Mivvi.  So, in the interest of my sons’ teeth and my wallet I’m planning on making our own lollies this summer.

I bought myself this cute little rocket shaped six lolly mold for under a tenner.  I’ve bought molds before but I love this one, the shape is perfect (not too big) and it comes on a little stand to hold them upright in the freezer.  And the stick has a cup to catch the drips.

Mold bought, I had a rummage in the fridge to see what we could make our first batch of lollies out of.  If I am going to make my own I want them to be healthy too.  That way, what the boys see as a treat, I know is a healthy snack so they will think I’m just an indulgent Mum when they have a lolly every day.  Here are the flavors we’ve made so far – all have been a hit and they have averaged out at less than 15p (20c) each.  Best of all they have nothing nasty in them.

My boys loved making all four flavors with me so it gave us a little bit of time to do something fun together and gave me a nice break from trains and racing cars.


I chunked up around a quarter of a watermelon.  Very roughly.  Then I threw it in the blender until it was smooth and poured it into the molds.  Next time I might add some strawberries and basil to the melon.

Banana yoghurt

I broke up 2 ripe bananas, put them in a jug with around half a cup of Greek yoghurt and a splash of milk then used my immersion blender to make what is essentially a banana smoothie.  I also threw in a tablespoon of ground flax seeds to add some omega 3 and fibre.

Chocolate almond milk

The laziest of all.  The boys wanted chocolate ice cream (who doesn’t?) so I bought a carton of organic chocolate almond milk.  Not something we usually have but I figured it is still tons healthier than chocolate ice cream and they are getting a nice shot of protein with their lolly.  I literally poured it into the molds from the carton.  It might be nice to mix some chunks of banana in to the milk before putting into the molds too.

Apricot and raspberry yoghurt

Exactly the same as the banana yoghurt above except I used fresh apricots (off our neighbor’s tree) in place of the banana.  I then put a few whole raspberries in the bottom of each mold before I poured the apricot yoghurt mixture on top.  Any in-season soft fruits would work in this.


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