Grilled cheese with two of your five a day

grilled apple carrot cheese

This has become a much-requested lunch in our house.  It combines healthy, child friendly food with very parent-friendly quick prep so I wanted to share.    Cheese on toast is heaven but not the highest on the health charts (although, let’s be fair, not that bad compared to what some companies sell us as children’s food).  My boys would happily eat melted cheese every day but I’m worried they would get rickets if I didn’t get them to have some veggies along with it.  In England we often have apple with cheese so that was my starting point.

To make

1.  Pop whole grain bread in the toaster (I like this sprouted seed bread but you can use whatever you like)

2. While it toasts, warm your grill (broiler) and grate an apple, a carrot (also sweetish) and some  pretty strong mature cheddar.

3.  Mix the carrot, apple and cheese together and put on top of the toast before flashing under the grill until the cheese melts and the carrot and apple softens.


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