One ingredient ice cream, a healthy treat and entertainment in one

banana ice 2

I am not the first person to fall off my chair at learning that ice cream can be made in seconds with one ingredient. Blogs galore share this fact. But if you have either read and discarded this recipe before or have no idea what I’m on about, prepare yourself for a revelation.

We now live somewhere where it is ice cream weather for 9 months of the year (I know, but not always as much fun as it sounds when you are fair-haired and red rather than bronzed like the locals). So I felt the need to find a healthier option to shop bought ice cream and lollies for myself and my children’s afternoon snacks. I remembered seeing this on Pinterest a while back so gave it a half-hearted try. I couldn’t imagine it would taste that good but I knew it would kill a few minutes one afternoon.

So, after breakfast, I chopped up 4 slightly brown bananas and put them in the freezer in a lidded bowl. Then around 3 hours later I put them in my food processor and invited my 3 year old, his little brother and assorted other toddlers we’d invited over to play to turn it into ice cream. They and their Mums didn’t expect much, but after them all having a turn at pressing the pulse button on the processor (hours of fun) they all went mad for the resulting ice cream.

It really was so good. Creamy, soft and not too strong a taste in the banana department, which I know can be off-putting to some.

The secret is to blend it for at longer than you think. Five minutes with a scrape around the sides is about normal for my food processor. At first it won’t look promising and will just be a pile of tiny pieces of banana but persevere and the banana’s starch will do something magical and it will be fluffy and light (see photo).

I’ll be keeping a bag in the freezer throughout the year now. Whenever I spy a banana that is on the turn to brown I will chop it in to add to my stash of slices. Then I will know we always have this treat to hand at a moments notice.

Refreezing the purée isn’t advised as it goes pretty hard.

I have heard that some people add chocolate chips, cacao or almond butter before puréeing but I’m sticking with the pure version. I also read another recipe recently where the banana was replaced with frozen mango, giving you a mango sorbet. It wouldn’t have the creaminess of banana but would be a good alternative.


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