The easiest crumbliest shortbread – thanks Mum x

shortbreadThis is a recipe that has been a part of my family as long as I can remember.  It was always in the biscuit tin when we went on holidays and my Mum made it for many a summer fair, various picnics and parties. I remember making it with her as a child on rainy afternoons, in fact it was what earned me my first Brownie badge.  I made it along with a cup of tea before ironing a tea towel at a local old lady’s house to earn my homemaker badge.  I must have known then that a future in food was awaiting me.

As an entrepreneurial 15 year old I somehow negotiated with the manager of our school canteen that I would supply her a couple of trays of this yummy shortbread every week for a pretty decent wedge of cash.  My poor Mum ended up buying all the ingredients and making it for me for months until she sat me down to have a word about the fact she never saw any of the profits.

So as an apology (20 years late – sorry Mum) I will give her the glory she deserves and share this recipe with you.

I made this batch this morning to serve with frozen berries and white chocolate sauce (from our new Dinners in 30 class) for dessert tonight as we have friends coming over.  You can either make it as a round and cut it into wedges (petticoat tails) or in a swiss roll tin (cookie sheet) and cut it into rectangular bars.  It also freezes well, handy if you need to stop yourself eating it all at once.

12 oz (340g) plain all purpose flour
4oz (115g) sugar
2 oz (55g) ground rice or rice flour
8 oz (230g) soft butter (hold onto the butter paper)
Pinch of salt
Optional – zest of a lemon or orange
To make
1.  Pre-heat the oven to 170c or 340F
2.  Put all the ingredients in the food processor and pulse until it forms sticky crumbs and starts to come together.  It won’t come totally into a ball but will start to
3.  Use the butter paper to grease a cookie sheet (swiss roll tin)
4.  Tip the dough onto the sheet and either push it into all the edges to make a pan full of mixture (which you can then cut into bars after cooking) or shape into a circle, around an inch thick.  You’ll need to be firm when you push it into shape as it is crumbly.
5.  Cook for around 10-15 minutes until the edges are turning golden
6. While warm, cut into bars or wedges then leave in the pan until firm and cool before removing.  The first piece you remove may crumble so please eat this yourself as a cook’s treat and for quality control purposes.

4 thoughts on “The easiest crumbliest shortbread – thanks Mum x

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