Sunday roast chicken with roast veggies and salad. Guilt free comfort

Imagelast night’s dinner was yummy, easy, healthy and has left a great pile of leftovers to make a gorgeous sandwich and will be stirred through pasta with some cream cheese for my boys. You can easily play around with the veggies, replace the carrots with butternut squash or other root veg, add some large chunks of fennel to the pan too, whatever you fancy. Here’s the recipe…

Roast garlic chicken with roast carrots and brussel sprouts with a watercress salad dressed in lemon, mustard and chicken juices.

Ingredients (serves 4 with leftovers)
1 whole chicken, room temperature
8 cloves of garlic, left in their skins
1 lemon
6 medium carrots, chopped into 2 inch chunks
2 large handfuls brussel sprouts, ends chopped off and cut in half lengthways
Sea salt flakes and black pepper
Half a tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 bag or bunch watercress or arugula (rocket)
4 tablespoons flaked almonds (optional)

To make
1. Preheat oven to 400F/200C
2. Put unpeeled garlic cloves in the bottom of a large roasting pan and sit the chicken on top. Then liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper and stick a half lemon up its bum
3. Chop the carrots and place them around the chicken in the roasting pan, be sure that your pan is big enough so they are in a single layer more or less
4. Put the roasting pan in the oven and cook for around an hour or until the juices run clear at the thigh joint when you stick a knife in (bigger chickens will take longer, smaller shorter hence the approx time)
5. Chop the ends off the sprouts and cut them in half lengthways then put them in a bowl along with the olive oil, salt and pepper and toss together. Then lay on another roasting pan or cookie sheet (lined with parchment to save washing up). Set aside until the chicken is done.
6. When the chicken is ready, scoop it out of the roasting pan and put it to rest on a plate, covered with foil. Put the roasting pan with carrots back in the oven and put the sprouts in too.
7. Cook the veg for another 20 minutes then take out of the oven.
8. Put the watercress in a large bowl and squeeze over the other half of the lemon (add the zest too for another level of flavour).
9. Scoop the carrots and garlic out of the roasting pan and add to the watercress. Add the brussels too.
10. Use a spatula to stir the Dijon into the chicken juices left in the roasting pan then scrape this mixture into the bowl of veg. Toss together then top with the carved chicken and a sprinkle of flaked almonds.


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